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Rag pickers reach your doorsteps every day

“Ragpiker (OPC) Private Limited is duly incorporated as a One Person Company in 2017 as per the provisions of the Companies Act 2013 and prescribed rules there under. “

An innovative idea triggered the inception of Ragpiker: to offer personal customer service with the highest degree of professionalism and environmental responsibility. It was founded on the idea to bring in environmental solutions that can help the communities and organisations to become sustainable and transform the waste and recycling industry into value-driven services. For us it’s about building long lasting relationship with our customers, recognizing our highly committed team and investing in the communities in which we operate.

Rag pickers reach your doorsteps every day to collect your waste, not just your daily kitchen waste but we also help to get rid of the other household waste i.e. organic and inorganic. We have taken initiative to periodically arrange for educational and awareness campaigns for house-makers, children, adults, youth and ragpickers about the importance and benefits of segregation of organic and inorganic waste at source and its proper disposal and creating awareness to divert from landfills. With landfill sites reaching its capacity, it is imperative that all companies and individuals take responsibility and ensure that as much of their waste as possible is recycled. In order to safeguard the future of our environment, waste needs to be seen as a resource that can be recycled and reused, not just as a nuisance to be dumped into a landfill site and left to rot.

As a learning organisation, we are constantly evaluating and improving the services we provide, our operations and processes. We create a climate of knowledge in which our team devise research and implement innovative solutions to continuously tailor our services to the needs of our clients and communities to cater the need of cleaner, greener and a healthier environment.
We at Ragpikers believe that a sustainable system can be robust and sustainable only if different dimensions are taken into account when setting up, building and shaping up the system. It’s the matter of the utmost importance to create the right synergy within and between these elements, which would certainly help us to mould our following approaches in a better shape:


✔ Better coordination between RWA’s and MCD’s staff.

✔ Improvement in existing system of collection and disposal of household garbage.

✔ Reduction in amount of garbage dumped daily in the neighbourhood dhaloas.

✔ ✔ Cleanliness of society parks along with ensuring society road sweeping and removal of colonial waste.

✔ Facilitate awareness campaigns for society members and residents about Zero waste, Segregation at Source and Zero Landfills..

✔ Waste collectors engaged in collection, transportation and composting of waste would have sustained employment, better quality of life and there will be an improvement in their work conditions.

✔ Waste retriever and their families will be better informed on health and social issues.

The inception of Ragpikers is simple… it’s an initiative taken by a person who strongly believes that for saving our environment you don’t need to wait for mob to follow you. All we need to do is to take that small step…that leap of faith…where your small initiatives could make major differences. It’s a journey from molehill to mountaintop which would be certainly attained for A Better Today …And A Greater Tomorrow…!!!


Our vision is a simple one – to be one of the leading Waste Management corporate body by providing the most efficient, effective and sustainable methods of daily collection, proper segregation at source and disposal of household waste of the city and by taking initiatives for creating awareness about Zero Waste and Zero Landfill for a cleaner, greener and a healthier environment. To be the best we possibly can be for our customers and the global environment by striving to reduce the amount of waste by promoting individual and corporate responsibility.